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We offer post-manufacturing supplementary services, which improve the dynamics and finishes of your prototypes.

Machining | Silicone Services | Bending | Laser Marking | 3D Printing | Technology Transfer,


GTI offer precision machined parts that compliment the laser processing and assembly activity to provide a greater manufacturing and turnkey experience.

We assure that parts requiring machining are done with accuracy and skill, bringing surgical tools, orthopedic implants, components and robotic-assisted surgical devices to market quickly.


Silicone Services

GTI Medical’s silicone services include silicone coating, silicone dipping & laser cutting of silicone sheets.

GTI offers silicone and other polymer applications for medical components that produce a smooth, durable, and bio-compatible finish.

Silicone is applied to medical devices such as stents graphs, veterinary implants, filtration devices, and Hypo tubes to enhance patient comfort.

perferated bend


GTI offers bending services to accommodate multiple step parts between laser cutting and surface treatment. Keeping the part in-house in our highly regulated environments maintains superior product and cost competitiveness.

machine markings

Laser Markings

The inclusion of Unique Device Identification (UDI) in the marking process has witnessed a surge in demand among medical device manufacturers. In response to this, GTI brings its expertise in complying with UDI requests, offering valuable support to manufacturers in meeting the necessary requirements.

Why Laser Marking is an Effective Solution:

  • Permanence through the product life span.

  • High contrast marking.

  • Sterilization resistant.

  • Flexibility through digital digitization.

  • Hygienic and smooth.

Laser markings for medical devices and instruments offer enhanced precision in reporting and traceability, consequently reducing medical errors by enabling healthcare professionals to promptly identify instruments. This advanced technique not only provides greater accuracy but also allows for improved efficiency in healthcare settings.

3D Printing – Enhanced Productivity

3D printing has become the new standard for surgical excellence. The potential for design, engineering, customized 3D models, and surgical instruments is endless.

GTI’s advanced technology allows for printing in materials such as Cobalt Chrome, XSP3.  These parts exhibit excellent corrosion resistance and high mechanical properties, even at elevated temperatures. Additionally, they are nickel-free and display a fine, uniform crystal grain structure. This combination makes them ideal for numerous applications in the medical and aerospace industries.

This remarkable technology significantly streamlines surgical procedures, allowing surgeons and hospitals to operate with greater ease, efficiency, and speed. Moreover, it contributes to reducing patients’ rehabilitation periods.

All components produced through Cobalt chrome 3D printing, adhere to rigorous standards, employing certified bio-compatible materials. 

CoCr 3D printed parts are used in the following surgical categories:

  • Orthopedics               

  • ENT

  • Orthopedics Oncology

  • Dental

  • Cardiology

  • Gastroenterology

Technology Transfer

At GTI Medical, we are happy to share our knowhow, which is based on more than 25 years of experience, with other companies or Institutions.

As a company known for its creative processes and unconventional solutions we do not just think outside the box, we think like there is no box.

TT project may include, upon request, a full technical data package and training of employees.

The following major technologies can be transferred:

  • Laser cutting of different types of stents (Nitinol, SS316LVM or CoCr).

  • Electro polishing processes for Nitinol, SS316, CoCr, MP35N and Titanium parts.

  • Laser welding of markers made of different materials mainly to increase radiopacity (Tantalum, Au, Pt-Ir etc.).

Projects GTI completed to date:

  • Technology transfer of Electro-polish process, including design and built of a dedicated semi automatic production line with a chemical hood for Nitinol stents and parts (for US company).

  • Design and built of low cost Af measurement device.

  • Process transfer for Laser cutting of miniature resistor parts made of 10µmm sheet metal thickness.

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