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Nitinol Parts

GTI’s remarkable expertise lies in the manufacturing of parts using Nitinol for the medical device sector. With over 25 years of experience, GTI has honed its proficiency in crafting high-quality Nitinol components, such as surgical stents with radiopacity markers, heart valves, shape-setting instruments, and various other medical tools.

GTI’s exceptional knowledge and skill in working with Nitinol enable us to provide our customers with superior products that leverage Nitinol’s unique properties. These include the extraordinary super elasticity for shape memory deployment, bio-compatibility suitable for orthopedic implants and expanding stents, kink resistance, constancy of stress, dynamic interference and fatigue resistance, as well as the ability to sustain high deformations.

Harness the power of collaboration with GTI Medical and benefit from the experience of a trusted partner dedicated to delivering precision, reliability, and innovation in the field of Nitinol-based medical devices.


Partnering with GTI Medical means gaining access to our wealth of expertise and knowledge in manufacturing for the robotics industry.

One of the most widely employed robotic surgical systems comprises a mechanical arm and a camera arm integrated with surgical instruments. These sophisticated systems are seamlessly controlled by skilled surgeons seated at computer consoles, enabling operations to be conducted from the same room as the surgical table or remotely from any location worldwide.

As a comprehensive turnkey solution provider, GTI Medical takes pride in our ability to swiftly and efficiently manufacture, weld, and laser mark your robotic parts. With our streamlined processes and expert craftsmanship, we ensure rapid turnaround times without compromising on the precision and quality you expect.

Surgical Tools

We are active in building surgical instruments for Tier 1 companies such as Boston Scientific, Johnson & Johnson, Stryker and Edwards Life Sciences.

Our company has taken on projects from Tier 1 suppliers to build surgical tools, helping them to reduce time to market by more than 60% (from 36 to 13 months) resulting in a pre-scheduled product launch, which consequentially, provided them with a relative advantage in a highly competitive and time-sensitive market.

GTI can produce single surgical tools or take responsibility and provide a turnkey solution to manufacture, assemble and package complete kits.

Turnkey Solutions

Over the years, GTI Medical has developed the ability to take on the responsibility for the entire manufacturing project and presents it to the client completely finished and ready to be used.

Such projects include a design for manufacturing, cost reduction phase, overall purchasing, technical support, writing of work instructions, assembly, final inspection, labeling, packaging, and strict quality assurance.

Below is partial list of End to End projects done at GTI’s facility:

  • A complete Navigation system assembly.

  • ENT surgery devices.

  • A precise surgical tool for enhanced robotic-assisted surgery.

  • Microsurgical precision tool for ear surgery.

  • CO2 fiber optic for aesthetic surgery.

  • A vast array of surgical tools & accessories.


Miniature Parts

GTI Medical provides rapid and responsive manufacturing of implants and miniature parts using Nitinol, Titanium, and Stainless Steel. Tube size starting at OD 0.15mm, Foil thickness of 10 ųm mm and up.

Our vast experience, coupled with advanced Nitinol implant production, positions us as the optimal choice for producing your latest miniature implant and component designs. By adding a new state-of-the-art fiber laser cutting system to our repertoire,  we ensure the best solution for even the most intricate designs.

As a result, our customers benefit from superior quality, regulatory compliance, competitive pricing, and timely delivery. Trust GTI Medical for all your miniature part manufacturing needs, and experience the advantages of our expertise firsthand.


GTI Medical provides manufacturing service for unique pencil point needles with an OD of 0.4 mm (0.016 inches) and up.

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